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The biggest problem people with old vintage and classic cars face are the parts are illusive which can be hell. However, if you have a Porsche classic of any model and need a part for it, reach out to us now at

Japan Trading Direct has been in the business of classic cars for years and to satisfy our numerous clients across the globe, we had to add a part section for exotic and vintage cars to have you enjoy your ride a little longer than others.

Why we are different?

  • We have a supply of parts both new and used for a variety of Porsche models just tell us your number and you are guaranteed to find it with us
  • We have the largest Porsche used spare parts inventory in Japan with used parts for 100s of cars and Porsches of your choice
  • We have sub stores all over Japan and will deliver to your location in the shortest period possible
  • The parts may be used but we will give you a 100 percent guarantee that it has passed all necessary tests for quality and durability
  • We have a good discount rate for buyers who want large quantities and an excellent customer service centre to ensure you are treated nice and responded to on time

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