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We won’t be talking about classic cars without sneaking in the all famous superfast bad boy car the Ferrari. While other cars are gaining ground in Japan, Ferrari car lovers are springing up everywhere on the island who want to enjoy the speed and smooth feel of the machine.

The Ferrari sales are booming in Japan and as more people are looking to lay their hands on an old classic, dealers and outlets are expanding daily across the country.

There is the possibility of getting any model of the Ferrari brand but one that will really catch your attention is the 365 GTB/4 and unbelievably it is in clean good condition if you are looking to take one for a ride.

One place you are sure to get one is at the car auction when all types of cars will be one display for your viewing. For more information on how to partake in this car fun, we will say come all the way to Japan. However, if you plan to export one from here, then the guys at Japan Trading Direct will be glad to help you out.

So, visit us now at and follow the instructions on the website or kindly call any of our numbers on the page and have a customer care agent put you through.


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