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It is that simple, if you are looking for strong quality and tough off-road mini truck then the land rover 90 defender is your best buy. Furthermore, Japan is the best country to get a variety of choices and colour you want.

Just like any other car in Japan, it takes a matter of weeks to get all the paperwork done on a used, imported or new land rover 90 defender by the team at for some quick effective and honest customer service.

Most people that purchase the land rover 90 from our showroom are looking for a car with a good chassis with great on-road and off-road performance with excellent engineer and power.

The land rover defender is a 14 cylinder diesel engine with 8 values turbo powered 5- speed manual gearbox with 113 hp and 4000 rpm. It has normal fuel consumption and will get you through any terrain as if you are driving on plain ground. It is a highly customized car making it your own personal 4 wheeler for a token in Japan

If you need more information on how to export a land rover 90 from Japan, get in touch with the team from for a smooth ride to your destination.

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