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www.japantradingdirect.com is the surest way for you to buy a car from Japan and have it delivered to your front door without a scratch or the dent. Our impeccable service and delivery attitude have put us among the best in the country.

One of our collection is the Porsche 993, also a car belonging to the 911 series, but quite different in its model, manufacture, design, and elegance. This model of Porsches was the cars to have in the mid-90s and it marked the end of the air-cooled engine made by the German automobile company.

The 993 was an improved version of the 9111 with significant visual and technical appeal including an upgrade to the engine. The 993 also come with wishbone suspension and six-speed transmission that improved the driving experience for the driver.

As an air-cooled flat 6 inches engine, the Porsche 993 is a single overhead cam engine with a 2.0 litres displacement with a maximum engine power of 128 hp.

Although over decades old, the Porsche 993 still invokes the feeling of freedom for care lovers and Japan is just the right place to get one in the best quality ever. Visit our website here now.

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