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The Honda Integra Type R is a good car with a sporty look manufactured by the company 1985 to 2006. Although it has a different name in other countries, the Type R Integra has a compact body with small round headlights as designed by the Japan Domestic Market.

The Type R has a powerful engine of about 1800cc and generates a power of 200 horsepower with a 5 manual gearbox. There are so many things to love about this car such as a well-designed interior which was the signature black and yellow (guess this is where wiz Khalifa took a clue to his song). They do come in other colours but the black and yellow was just the perfect fit for the exterior.

Well, if you are looking for a Honda Integra Type R in Japan, you have to use a credible dealer as this car can cost an arm and leg due to their rarity.

Most of the cars surprisingly retain their authentic look and finesse and with another from  where they can get one although there are bound to be a few modifications but we will never by or send one that has too much transformation to give the buyer a sense of the original product

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