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The good old days when driving in a Land Cruiser was the dream for every young man or family.

If you are looking to enjoy a bit of history back into your life or looking to relive the old good time again contact the boys at to help you find, fit and restore a classic Toyota land cruiser to an original state without any hassle in Japan

All our products in this series are shipped with a limited warranty upon delivery to your destination. At our company, we deliver a ready to drive Classic Toyota Land Cruiser that will wow your friends and family.

Furthermore, we will handle all issues dealing with the delivery and issues with the product after it has gotten to you.

We are very passionate about cars and the Toyota land cruiser is just another car that will endear tour numerous clients across the globe. We also enjoy that our clients call us immediately they receive their land cruiser as this will make us happy to know we have gotten it right.

For more information on how to get one or see our extensive range of Land cruiser collection, then we advise you visit our website or call any of our customer agents where all your questions will be answered immediately.

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