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Hours will pass by with you driving the 930 turbo engine because of its smoothness and although the turbo 930 spool, it is what makes the car unique. The Porsche may not have all the dynamism of the RS but it has a larger than life personality that endears car lovers to it.

Manufactured by the German automobile company 1975 to 1989, the 930 Turbo wears a sports car look and was one of the fastest among the Porsche 911 series. The manufacturers made a little adjustment to it by increasing the engine bore by 2 mm and adding an air-to-air intercooler to help keep the engine cool and improve the power output.

This single turbo flat six engine has a 4 speed manual with 3300cc and 300 hp with a speed of 260 kilometres per hour still retains its legendary status as one of the fastest in the series.

If you are looking to purchase one whether in an auction setting or from certified Porsche dealers in Japan from anywhere in the world, contact www.japantradingdirect.com for information like the price, mileage and other necessary documents on the car. Our prices are fair and we will gladly export the car to your destination after all fees are settled.

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