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Another car that is easy to be exported from Japan is the Honda NS-X. The Honda NS-X is one of the many wonderful cars to come out of Japan and regardless of the many other models; the NS-X has remained a wonderful breed that has fascinated car lovers and enthusiast alike.

The Honda NS-X inspiration was from the build and speed of an F-16 fighter jet and the chassis system in Senna. When it comes to buying a Honda NS-X in Japan, you will get a very good bargain and a secure payment method with the team from Japan Trading Direct automobile outlet.

The Honda NS-X although appears in a variety of colours is known for the shiny black exterior with a wide 1940mm body than most cars on the road in the same calibre as it. The body design of plastic and aluminium makes it super light giving it ultra speed as it travels through the wind.

The 3.5 litre, six-cylinder petrol engines come with turbocharged that allows it maintain a centre of gravity as the engine revs to 7500rpm and with the nine speeds dual-clutch automatic gearbox, the force of the Honda NS-X is one to be experienced.

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