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Did you know that not everyone can properly import cars from Japan? Some foreign-made cars, especially older ones, might not comply with your country’s laws on emissions.

There are Federal rules regarding vehicle emissions in some countries that car owners should adhere to. If you do not follow the rules means failure to drive your car. At Japan trading direct, we have a list of cars than we can help you import from Japan, safely down to your country, such as the Mitsubishi Lancer Japan Import.

Our company is located in Japan, so we can help you do everything related to the process of car buying and importation. The test drive is typically one of the most essential parts of the car-buying process. Someone has to get behind the wheel of your chosen vehicle to know what it really feels like before you make the big purchase.

You can check out our website, to see a list of all the other cars we import, and if the car you love is not on our list, you just tell us what it is and we help you track it down.  Kindly get in touch with us at Japan Trading Direct for a Mitsubishi Lancer Japan Import.

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