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This elegant 964 Porsche is available with half the mileage and in its pristine form is one of the nicest Porsches you can lay your hands on. With its design and attractive features, the Porsche 964 RS can be gotten from certified buyers in the beautiful island of Japan.

As one of the earliest series in the Porsche 911 collection, the 964 RS sporty look comes with a 17 inches brand new tires and bright round headlight to see into the horizon as you drive around in town.

The 964 has a wonderful engine performance and a rev that can go up to 60 miles per hour in a space of 44 seconds. It also comes with an excellent brake system for stopping even at speeds to ensure that your stop is abrupt but also safe so you don’t go bumping your head on the steering.

Speaking of steering, the 964 RS steering is a powerful part of this car that keeps the car’s centre of gravity centred and stable as you tour in high speed

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