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If you are reading this, then we can safely assume that you are a lover of Japanese cars. As you probably already know. the Japanese car market is a treasure trove of rare, attractive model cars. In Japan, you can find vintage classic cars and high spec sports cars with relatively low mileage that have been well maintained. This is why people love the Subaru STI Japan Import.

The demand within Japan for collectable classic cars is not as high as in many other countries making the price of older, classic cars relatively low. So even with shipping duties and port charges, you can get a good price for a highly desirable car.

The team at Japan Trading Direct has a wide grasp and understanding of the collectable classic car market from Ferraris to Land Rovers to Toyota Supras and Mitsubishi Lancers. If you are looking to import a Japanese vehicle, Japan Trading Direct is the place to start.

That said we do have a special soft spot for good customer service. The Subaru STI Japan Import have made up a high proportion of our purchases and exports over recent years. We also love to locate fabulously maintained Porsches.

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