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The thrill you get from driving a 930 turbo is incomparable- the smoothness, sleekness, and power on the steering are like nothing else. The Porsche 930 does, however, loses its appeal after a period of time, at that time you know it is time to pass it over to another car lover that will love and cherish it.

While giving it out is a good idea, you might consider selling it in the booming car market of Japan to people who will cherish your once loved prized possession.

The Japanese domestic market is an open car market that has seen car owners from around the globe import their cars to the country in a bid to get their cars sold either to car dealers in Japan or as part of an auction which is pretty common in Japan.

The process involves checking the car – interior and exterior parts including the engine. If the engine has been tampered with, your car might go for a lesser price than anticipated or even rejected.

The Porsche 930 is a beautiful car that will sell in the Japanese domestic market as it 4-speed manual and 300 hp with up to 260 kilometres per hour on the open road.

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