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Some might wonder why a German brand car is so much in Japan but at some point, Japanese wealthy loved the small car and were intrigued by the technicality and manufacturing that went into it.

Although most of the island is still littered with this car, the healthy Japanese culture has brought most of these rare cars to the open into the Japanese domestic market where car lovers can come and feast their eyes or put a price tag to acquire one.

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The Porsche 930 turbo is without question an elegant car that stops people in their tracks just to look at it with its unforgettable whale shaped tail rear and the powerful performance engine to match; it goes without saying that this is powerful care to own.

The 930 is an air-cooled 3.3 litres six-cylinder turbo engine with 4-speed manual gearbox, cassette player, AC, 16 inches wheels and vented front and rear turbo brakes.

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