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At we will help you find a Lancia Delta Integrale and other models similar to this one in Japan. We will go the entire way to negotiate the purchase if the car is from a dealer, privately owned or even in other Asia countries close to Japan.

We have been working with moving car cross country or across international borders and will ensure that each car is properly documented before it gets to you to avoid further running with the law.

The Integrale Delta Lancia is no doubt a beautiful car and with its balanced power to weight ratio, this car will take a beating but ensure you have unforgettable driving experience.

The supercar comes with a 2 litres fuel injection pump 16 value four engine system that generates a whopping power of 212 horsepower and 5700 revs per minutes propelling your to a speed of 100 kilometres per hour in a under 6 seconds, the Integrale is built for the road – whether off-road or on-road, this mini truck design is sure to g the whole way.

As mentioned above, if the Lancia Delta Integrale is a choice of car that you will love to get your hands on, then Japan Trading Direct should answer all your questions with a car at your doorstep.

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