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If you have never thought of buying a Porsche or thinking of getting one, then the Porsche 73 RS is one that will suit whatever occasion or event that you show up in. this beautiful, elegant and colourful model is one for the road.

Sitting in this car makes you feel like one of the characters in a 1973 version of James Bond movies driving through the Boulevard and his scarf blowing outside the window in the window – it is that beautiful and such a gentleman car too.

The Porsche 73 rocks a sporty look with creating curvy designs that allow it glide through the wind with precision aerodynamics giving you that race car feel.

The 2.7 litres fuel injection six-cylinder engine makes a rev that no other Porsche in the series has been able to replicate since its introduction and although not the first car to rock the RS symbol, it looks good on this one.

To crown it all, the interior is comfortable with carpets, hand rest, sun visors and a coat hanger for the working gentlemen. So the 73 is the last of its breed but if you are looking to get your hand on one, visit www.japantradingdirect.com today

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