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Are you looking to own a classic Porsche 73 RS car that is in good condition both in body and performance? Japan Trading Direct is a company that specialise in buying vintage and classic cars in Japan and Southeast Asia and export them to about 150 countries all over the world.

We know what our astute buyers would want and we have a range of the Porsche 73 RS model from Japan for you to browse and choose from, and we will ship and deliver it to you anywhere you are in the world safely and timely.

One thing you can be assured of is the unbeatable price that we offer our cars to buyers, it is second to none because we only buy cars that are in a good condition with a low price. People from Japan prefers to buy new cars rather than used cars making the cars we buy from auctions cheaper than anywhere else.

If you a dealer and want to buy the cars in wholesale and resell, then we are happy to work with you and meet your demands. Our well-trained staff with decades of experience are always available to talk to you and answer all the questions you may have as well as assist you throughout the process.

We combine expertise with excellent customer service to make it a rewarding journey. Contact us today.

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