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If you do decide to buy an import a Porsche 964RS from Japan, you already know you’re making a great decision. 

The 964RS is a great car. It is a lightened, sported-up version of the 964, and they were only made between 1992 and 1994. They did not come with air-conditioning or electric windows and electric seats or sound deadening.

They have a flat-six engine, a 3,600cc unit, situated at the back and it is a 911 engine

It used to be said that imports were a bad idea because when they broke down, it cost owners more to have the spare parts imported into the country as well. That’s not even considering the time your car was off the road while you waited for them to arrive.

Whether your import is brand new or a vintage classic, it is necessary to work with a company who would undertake all risks and stress related to importing and exporting a car from Japan.

If you’re looking to buy a smooth, stylish, and luxurious Porsche 964RS from Japan, then the only place to go is to Japan trading Direct. Kindly get in touch with us today and we would handle all formalities involved with importing your favourite vehicle from Japan.


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